Save Money

Eating healthy with us doesn’t mean breaking the bank with our more than affordable meals

Save Time

On the go? No time to cook or prep? Let us take care of that for you! The only thing you’ll have to worry about is eating!

Maintain a Healthy Diet

Not only are our meals delicious they are healthy too! Eat like a king without worrying about cheating on your diet with our meals

Achieve Your Goal Weight

Food that will fit your macros for any program you choose

Save Huge on our Weekly Plans

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I can’t explain to you how much time saves me, I am barely able to fit in my gym schedule, I dont know what i would do without FMP!

Paul Holmes (Chula Vista)

Cooking just isn’t my thing, somehow i manage to burn everything i attempt to cook! I actually save money using, it keeps me away from the kitchen.

James McCarthy (East Village)

This food taste delicious! It’s nice to know i can eat healthy on the run, I have more energy, lost a few pounds, I just feel great all the way around!

Ray Cisneros (Santee)

Honestly, the food is delicious and satiating. I have lost 19 pounds by committing to my training sessions and eating my Fresh Meal Prep meals on a regular basis. And. I don’t have to cook – or plan. What could be better! Thanks Denise!

Alex Nuño (San Diego)

Awesome, delicious meals. Ben (the owner) is super passionate about helping others reach a higher quality of life through health and fitness. Love it!

Darryl Johnson (San Diego)

The food is always fresh and their sauces are delicious. Love this company and definitely recommend it to anyone looking for the a healthy lifestyle!

Phil Davis (San Diego)

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New Seasonal Meals Are Here !

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New Guiltless Treat !!!

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2 New Meals 😍

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