Burn It Off and Keep It Off !

Edyth decided to make a massive lifestyle change at the end of 2015 resulting in 30 pounds of fat loss and 8 pounds of muscle gain. The first thing she did was make some changes to her nutrition and training program under the guidance of a Professional Coach.


She soon realized that prepping her food was imperative to success. Edyth is a busy 1st grade teacher so having healthy food conveniently ready is a major key to achieving her fitness goals. She soon began ordering our meals and we helped her implement a meal plan that taught her how to eat and provided her with a couple meals a day to fill in the most difficult gaps for her (breakfast and lunch). She decides to consistently prepare a healthy dinner with her husband, allowing them to take charge of better nutrition from their home.


At FMP we love serving deliciously healthy meals but nothing can replace the personal accountability and hard work Edyth displayed and continues to display. She found out healthy eating can be delicious!


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