Lose Body Fat & Save Money !

At FMP we take pride in providing the Best Value, Taste, and Nourishment in San Diego. Where else can you get a 6 ounce lean steak with two sides for $8.80 and FREE DELIVERY šŸ“¦ ? Only at FMP! This under 500 calorie entree is topped with Argentinian Chimichurri sauce, roasted zucchini and peppers, and cauliflower mash!

Hundreds of people across San Diego are losing body fat, saving money, and feeling better when they choose the FMP way. We encourage our customers to empower themselves and prep some of their own meals too. We aim to be a strategically planned part of your wellness solution when you don't want to deal with endless shopping, prepping, cooking, and cleaning! Save time and enjoy your family and friends! We even have a few suggestions up our sleeves for fast, do-it-yourself breakfasts. Drop us a line sometime!


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