Low Carb, Keto, Paleo? What Do I Do ? - Part 1

All three of the diets listed in the title above work to some extent but all three require discipline just like any meal plan. The Low Carb diet is typically used by aspiring bodybuilders in pursuit of burning fat. It involves a high protein intake, high green vegetable intake, low fat intake (we find this to be the most unhealthy part of it) and puts the dieter in a general state of misery from being deprived the necessary nutrients to function properly. Fruits are natures carbohydrate and are forbidden on the low carb diet. Fruits have powerful antioxidants, fiber, and energy in them. Why would we not eat them? Because some low carb zealot says so? An apple a day keeps the Doctor away. Utilize the Low Carb diet with caution and under the guidance of a Professional or you will lose any hard earned muscle a long with some body fat and end up feeling weak! This diet is not sustainable year round. 


The Ketogenic diet simply involves high protein intake, high fat intake, and low carbohydrate intake. This puts the body in a state of ketosis where it can efficiently burn fat (hopefully) for fuel. Again we ask "where's the fruit"? Fruit is natures natural defense against disease. It is a natural source of antioxidants, fiber, and energy. These three things are necessary for health and bodily function. In addition the high fat intake can have an adverse affect on heart health. This isn't new information. Diets high in fat can cause problems. The Ketogenic diet could work for you but we suggest a different approach which we will discuss in Part II of this blog. 


The Paleo approach to eating pulls all the grains, breads, starches, and sugars out of the diet. We think this is a good idea for SOME people. Over the years our staff has come in contact with so many people. Some can handle grains, bread, starches, sugars, and still feel/look great. Others do not fair so well. They get bloated, gassy, gain body fat, and feel low in energy. We believe this is mainly due to long term cultural eating habits. People descending from different cultures tolerate foods differently. People from Asia eat white rice and are skinny. White rice is a grain and therefore forbidden when eating Paleo. As you can see one size does not fit all. In Part II of this blog we will help you see these three nutritional strategies with an open mind and find balance! Stay tuned and thank you for reading!


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