Low Carb, Keto, Paleo? What Do I Do ? - Part 2

Greetings Dear Reader,


If you read Part 1 of this blog then you know there can be some major pitfalls to extreme dieting. Low carb dieting done excessively can burn off fat but you can lose a lot of muscle unless guided by a professional. Carbohydrates play an important roll as an energy source. The Ketogenic diet completely eliminates carbohydrates from the diet and replaces it with copious amounts of protein and fats. Where is the Vitamin C and what about heart health? Diets to high in fat can cause heart problems. Even if it's healthy fat, too much fat in the diet can adversely affect that big muscle keeping our blood pumping. The Paleolithic diet seems to be the most balanced of the two but for those grain lovers out there it may not be a great choice. In many parts of the world grains are well tolerated and a staple in cultural diets. Some people's bodies respond well to grains. The question remains: What should YOU do? 


We recommend you don't cut fruits out of your diet. We recommend you eat some healthier choice grains and pay close attention to how your body feels afterwards. Cut the grains if you feel bloated, gassy, tired, or experience digestive problems. We recommend protein make up about 50% of your diet. We recommend you eat green vegetables at least once a day as a minimum standard. We recommend you choose avocado and raw nuts for fat consumption. We have a lot of recommendations and one size does NOT fit all. People's bodies are so different and unique. 


The very first thing you can do to improve your health is start drinking more water, remove processed sugars (soda, candy, pastries, corn syrup ) from your diet, and remove any hydrogenated oils or trans fats from your diet (lard, grease, artificial fats). The second thing you can do is focus your grocery shopping on the outside isles of the store where all the fresh foods are. The inner isles all stock the processed food with a long shelf life. 


We've given you some great tips and we are easy to get ahold of for more! Apply some of the easy steps we gave you today and start feeling how your body responds to different food choices. Cut out the excess sugar and bad fats. Shop the outer isles of the grocery store. Drinking more water. These small decisions will make you feel tremendously better!