Ordering Your Favorites is Now Simpler !

We at FMP have been working hard to improve the ordering process on your favorite meals and have simplified everything, from the design of our website, to the checkout process and much more behind the scenes.

From this point on, add your meals as you scroll and watch the Green Meal Cart to your right add up your meals in real time. 

For Meal Plan Discounts, enter the discount code that applies to your meal count at checkout and Save Tons of Money ! 
- 10meals
- 20meals 
- 40meals 

** Meals are Available for Pickup or Delivered in increments of 10 per week, if you want the 20-40 meals available in different increments, please Message Us.

Fresh Meal Prep is dedicated daily to improving your life one way or another, and this is a great time saver. Place a new order and subscribe to our updates as well, don't miss out on anything !