Save 4-8 Hours a Week & Stop Killing Yourself !

Everyday our schedules get busier and busier as we take on more and more, slowly forgetting to take care of ourselves too. As technology progresses and everything we do becomes faster people gravitate more than ever to fast food. Convenience is key and those stops might be convenient but they are slowly killing America. Heart disease, diabetes, and obesity are running rampant and depending on which extreme dieter you talk to (vegan, paleo, keto, etc.) there is only one way; their way. This couldn't be anywhere further from the truth. How will you manage your time to shop, prepare, cook, package, and clean all your own food from your own home? Plan on 4-8 hours a week of total labor from the grocery store to kitchen clean up. Some of us are WAY to busy for that. We would rather spend that free time with our families or relaxing. This is where Fresh Meal Prep saves the day. 


We have so many options on our menu. We don't aspire to be the only place you order food from. We want you to learn from our system. We frequently share easy, do it yourself suggestions on quick breakfast solutions. Breakfast is a key meal and an easy one to prepare. The question is will you wake up 30 minutes early to prep five servings of breakfast to cover your week? Fat Free Greek yogurt and fruit is the fastest and healthiest on the go breakfast. You can even find dairy free yogurt but the fat free Greek is where it's at. 


Place an order with us for just five meals per week. Having a plan in place removes room for error and fast food stops. Think about your health long term and your energy levels TODAY. We need good energy and health now but our decisions set us up for wellness success or failure depending on how we manage time. Manage your time and resources well with FMP. We will keep your body healthy, wallet happy, and taste buds yearning for more. Stop wasting money on eating out! It's not worth it! Besides, that's what the weekends are for! 😁