The Super Star Lawyer !

We work with A LOT of female professionals. Think teaching, law, the medical field, law enforcement, and military personnel. When stress strikes the first thing most busy people do is let diet go unchecked and out the window! Cortisol (stress hormone) starts raging in the body, physical exercise decreases, and empty calories binging goes up! We've all been there and we are in this together. Erika had enough and felt like "she wanted to lose weight".


Within just two months of switching to the Fresh Meal Prep mindset she totally transformed her physique. Challenges still arise in her busy schedule but she has a reliable place to get nutritious food AND she has learned how to portion food properly when she does her own cooking. She enlisted the help of a Fitness Professional to guide her a long the way because sometimes the road gets bumpy and need that strategy, planning, and push to take action!


From providing great food to providing a model to follow we enjoy the process of helping people achieve their version of optimal wellness!

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