Why Omega 3 and NOT Omega 6 ? 

The American diet is packed with Omega 6 fats and doesn't give us enough of the Omega 3 fats our bodies need. Grains, starches, and other processed foods usually contain Omega 6 fat, trans fat, or hydrogenated oils (chemically altered fat). Add all that heavy Omega 6 consumption up with the excessive carbs, calories, and lack of exercise and you have a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. That time bomb is your heart! That's right! Muscle numero uno the heart requires Omega 3 fat for healthy function. The brain, hair, skin, nails, endocrine system, reproductive system, and heart all require a higher balance of Omega 3 than Omega 6 for optimal function. So what can we do?


Avocados, salmon, raw nuts, flax seed, almond butter and fish oil (Omega 3) are the staple fats of a healthy diet. We recommend the average male consume 2,000-4,000mg a day of Omega 3 fats. That's 2-4 fish oil tabs or one 8 oz. wild Alaskan salmon a day (not farm raised). Utilize the different sources listed above but supplementing is a popular way to meet Omega 3 fat requirement for those not eating enough of it in whole food form. 


An interesting note is how optimal Omega 3 intake can balance lipid/cholesterol profiles to a "heart healthy" zone and accelerate fat loss. Reducing inflammation throughout the body is the ultimate goal in the pursuit of optimal wellness. Omega 3 shows well documented promise in this area and overall body function.


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