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Who is Fresh Meal Prep?

FMP is a meal preparation company that cooks delicious, nutritious, and affordable meals available for pickup or delivery in San Diego. Our focus is your health. We support clean eating and healthy living.

Is there an order deadline?

Our order dead line is every Wednesday at 9am. These meals are available for pickup Saturday 8am-11am or Monday-Friday 6am-8pm.

Does Fresh Meal Prep deliver?

We do deliver. We charge a $20 delivery fee.

What are delivery times?

Delivery times are every Saturday from 10am to 1pm or Sunday from 10am to 1pm. Currently you have the choice of delivery day when checking out.

How are meals delivered?

One of our drivers delivers straight to your door.

Do you use sodium in your meals?

We keep the sodium content low in our meals and use much healthier means to season and spice our food.

How long do we heat our meals?

Microwaves in corporate offices require no more than 45 seconds. Quality home microwaves require no more than 90-120 seconds.

How long do the meals stay fresh in the refrigerator?

Seafood stays fresh four days in the refrigerator. Poultry and meat stays fresh seven days in the refrigerator.

Can we freeze our meals? And how long?

You can freeze meals for up to 30 days. However we do not recommend this. Enjoy our fresh taste!

Can Fresh Meal Prep design a custom nutrition plan for me?

Yes we can! Each plan is $59.

What are the portion sizes for protein, carbs, and fats?

Male protein servings are 6 ounces. Female protein servings are 5 ounces. Male carbohydrate servings are one cup. Female carbohydrate servings are a half cup. Fat servings are 10 grams or less per meal.

6 ounces protein

8-42 grams carbohydrates

5-15 grams fat


How Do I Change Meals on my Meal Plan ?

 Login to your account > Click on "Manage Subscription" > Under "Manage" click on "Upcoming Orders" > Click on "Pick Your Selections" or "Edit" if you have edited before > Deduct and Add your meals > Click on "Save Selections" and you're done !