Pickup & Delivery

If you're in the area, choose pickup !

Pickup Schedule is 7am to 7pm Friday through Tuesday. Remember, if you placed your order before 9am Wednesday morning this week, your order will be ready for pickup this weekend, if your order came after the Wednesday cut-off, you'll have meals ready next weekend.


Would you rather sit at home and relax ?

Just like other food delivery services, we bring your prepared meals right to you. No Hassle, No Fuss. Our Meal Prep Delivery Service is just what you need !

We Deliver Saturdays and Sundays from 9am to 3pm. Our delivery coordinator reaches out to you by text before the weekend, to confirm a delivery time frame. If for some reason you won't be available for delivery, make sure to let us know and we will be happy to help you figure something out. For those who live in apartment or gated communities, please make sure we have your unit numbers and gate codes. 

Of course, since our pricing is the lowest in San Diego, we have to charge a delivery fee; but it's minimal and worth every penny. Deliveries within a 30 mile travel distance pay only $8. Anything outside the 30 mile area requires a $20 fee.


If you have questions about our pickup or delivery options, please make sure to Contact Us, we are always happy to help !