FMP Meal Plan

FMP Meal Plan

Regular price $45.00 On Plan

What You Get

5, 10, 15 or 20 Meals and/or Treats per Week or Bi-weekly.

Yes ! You Can Change Meals Weekly

Want to try different meals or treats next week ? ... All you need to do is Log In To Your Account Here click on "Manage Subscription" and make changes by 10pm Every Tuesday. It's too easy ! (Watch the Video Here)


Lite Portions

  • 5 @ $45 /week
  • 10 @ $87 /week
  • 15 @ $127.50 /week
  • 20 @ $165 /week

Classic Portions

  • 5 @ $50 /week
  • 10 @ $97 /week
  • 15 @ $142.50 /week
  • 20 @ $185 /week

When Do You Receive Meals ?

Every order placed by Wednesday at 9am (Pacific Time), every week, is Prepared Ready for Pickup or Delivery that same weekend. For example, If you subscribe on a Thursday or Friday, that means your meals will be prepared and ready for Delivery or Pickup the following week. If you choose the bi-weekly option, you'll only receive meals every 2 weeks.

How Are You Billed ?

Your first order is billed immediately upon checkout. Following orders will be billed and processed every week on Wednesday early morning (around 4am). If you choose the Bi-weekly order option, you'll have a new order process every other Wednesday morning.

What Are You Committing To ?

By placing an order on this page, you are agreeing to a subscription that will bill you either weekly or bi-weekly (every 2 weeks). You choose the type of billing above.

You are required to have 2 orders processed, minimum, before being able to cancel your subscription. Why ? Because you're receiving a discount that people who place a one time order do not receive.

Yes, you can skip orders in case you're going out of town or vacation.