FMP Weekly Meal Plan

FMP Weekly Meal Plan

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Our Meal Plans make Staying Prepared & Eating Healthy Super Easy !


What You Get

6, 10, 15 or 20 Meals per Week with Options to add a Box of our Famous Guiltless Treats. FREE Saturday or Sunday Delivery option on All Plans !


Yes ! You Can Change Meals Weekly

All you need to do is Log In To Your Account Here click on "Manage Subscription" and make changes by 10pm the day before your order is placed. It's too easy !   (Watch the Video Here)


  • 6 Meals @ $58 per week (+ $8 with Treats Box)
  • 10 Meals @ $87 per week (+ $8 with Treats Box)
  • 15 Meals @ $127 per week (+ $8 with Treats Box)
  • 20 Meals @ $165 per week (+ $8 with Treats Box)


How Are You Billed ?

You will be billed every week on the day in which you placed your first order. If today is Friday and you subscribe to 10 meals per week, you'll automatically be charged 1 week later on Friday until you cancel*. All orders after the first one, process at 4am (Pacific Time) the day it's set to process.


When Do You Receive Meals ?

Every order placed by end of day Wednesday at 9am (Pacific Time), every week, is Prepared and Delivered or Ready for Pickup that same weekend. For example, If you subscribe on a Thursday or Friday, that means your meals will be prepared and ready for Delivery or Pickup the following week. Those who are not local San Diegans, your orders ship every Friday if placed by Wednesday at 9am and Deliver Saturday.


Want to Save More ?! Commit to at least 4 weeks and we will reward you for your commitment. After 4 weeks (your 4th order), you stay at your discounted price level and can cancel anytime after that. Wow !

  • 6 Meals @ $52.50 per week
  • 10 Meals @ $85 per week
  • 15 Meals @ $123.75 per week
  • 20 Meals @ $160 per week


Questions ? Contact Us anytime, we are happy to help.


* Cancel anytime, the day before your next payment is processed, without any fees. Please read our Terms and Conditions Here.